Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Sarah Rees Brennan on Tumblr:

Good, good, good. It is RIGHT that you came to me. Other people have wrong opinions about Georgette Heyer. You can trust me. Sarah knows what’s best.
Unquestionably you want to start with Cotillion. 

‘A sham engagement will keep wedlock at bay!’ says my copy.
KITTY: Oh good, my crazy guardian has decided to give away my hand in marriage along with a big pile of money. Oddly many suitors have shown up. *eyeroll* Well, here’s hoping Hot Cousin Jack comes along soon. He’s such a devil of a fellow. So tall, dark and rakish. And I’m not marrying Cousin Adolphus, who has bats in the belfry, or Cousin Simon the vicar who wants me to wear gray 24/7 4 lyfe. Or–good gracious, dude, YOU’RE ALREADY MARRIED.
KITTY: Oh I don’t believe it Jack’s not here what am I going to do I am HUMILIATED. And I am trapped down here and oh I DON’T BELIEVE IT TIMES TWENTY, here’s my cousin Freddy. Freddy is an imbecile who cares for nothing but waistcoats.
FREDDY: Hello Jack said it would be funny if I came down here?
KITTY: Shame on you! You don’t even need the money… WAIT WHAT WAS THAT YOU JUST SAID?
FREDDY: … This situation is not as funny as I had been led to believe.
KITTY: Right! Right! I am not going to stay down here like a FORLORN MAIDEN IN A TOWER. Grandfather, Freddy and I are going to be MARRIED!
FREDDY: … Oh I say… Where’s the fainting couch?
KITTY: Shhh. Just for pretends. And he’ll take me up to London and Jack will see I do not care, and also I will have fun and adventure and buy a crap ton of clothes! And jewels!
FREDDY: Oh with your skin tone you should super buy rubies, I’m on it! Good idea! Shopping spree!
KITTY: I’m glad you’re getting into this but you can’t buy me rubies when it’s a fake engagement. That simply would not do. Oh Jack there you are. And here I am. All dressed up and out on the town. How do you like me now Jack? HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?
JACK: It’s possible I may have made a tactical error.
KITTY: And now to befriend Jack’s mistress-to-be (oh my god, turns out, playboys don’t respect women) and my French cousin (French, but oh well I have a good heart) and also secretly fix up Loopy Cousin Adolphus and also…
JACK: Hot stuff, it’s possible I may have made a HUGE tactical error.
FREDDY: Great plans all of them! Let me come with you and see to details like toothbrushes and marriage licenses. And on the way we could pick up just a few rubi-
KITTY: I SAID YOU CAN’T SHOWER ME IN JEWELS. But it is possible I have underestimated you. Quickly, my dapper partner in crime! To the British Museum!
Cotillion is my very favourite

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Oldtimer Cookie Recipe - Allenspark Wind