Sunday, February 24, 2008

Neat Binoculars!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Me and Lovey

I am fashionably dressed in a 20 year old 'Sting' T-shirt from his 1987-88 world tour. The cat is unimpressed.
We had the good fortune to host our grandson and his parents over the President's Day weekend. They brought their new pussy-cat, Lovey with them. We had a great time.
My grandson has discovered that he can get my attention easier, when I am otherwise focused, by calling me 'CAROL' instead of Grandma. It does work.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Library Books for January 2008

A Life Decoded My Genome: My Life J. Craig Venter January-08
A Country Year Sue Hubbell January-08 Good - reminds me of the Zwinger books
Nearlyweds Beth Kendrick January-08
My First Five Husbands……And the Onew Who Got Away Rue McClanahan January-08
People of the Book Geraldine Brooks January-08
Talk Before Sleep Elizabeth Berg January-08
Off Season Philip R. Craig January-08 Martha's Vineyard Mystery #5A
Case of Vineyard Poison Philip R. Craig January-08
Homecoming Bernhard Schlink January-08 Unpleasant; too philosophical
Death on a Vineyard Beach Philip R. Craig January-08 Martha's Vineyard Mystery #6 Undertow Elizabeth Bear January-08 Downtown
Really Something Shirley Jump January-08
Doesn't She Look Natural? Angela Hunt January-08 A Fairlawn Book (funeral home)
Breakfast with Buddha Roland Merullo January-08 Rinpoche (Guru) A good read, but irritating - too much
There's Always Plan B Susan Mallery January-08
The Seduction of His Wife Janet Chapman January-08
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Sean Connery January-08 DVD
The Crazy School Cornelia Read January-08
The Silver Rose Susan Carroll January-08
The Senator's Wife Sue Miller January-08 Good. Low key.
Tempting the Prince Patricia Grasso January-08
World Without End Ken Follett January-08 Page 161. Just couldn't get into it.
These Old Shades Georgette Heyer January-08

Monday, February 04, 2008


The plant has bloomed!