Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday, July 31, 2006

Yay! & Whoopee! I now have a new modem in my computer and it works great. Ever since I started up this new DELL last September, we have had a lot of trouble connecting to the Internet. Yes, we still have dial-up. We keep watching the Verizon site, but so far no DSL for our phone number. I was about to the point of getting Adelphia, but DH (AKA 'Dad') hates the cable companies and we kept thinking surely we'd get DSL soon. Anyway, a couple of days ago it got to the point where we couldn't sign on to the Internet at all. So we hooked up my old DELL upstairs and connected to the internet just fine. So... Out for a new modem for the new DELL.

DH was on a roll yesterday. Not only did he install the modem, but got new batteries for my TV remote and re-programmed it (yes, we both have remotes, his ON/OFF button doesn't work and he can't seem to program mine for the BACK button).

I made a good recipe out of my Cheyenne Frontier Days Cookbook for supper last night. Italian Cavatini. Recipe on request.

I'm reading 'All the Pretty Horses' by Cormac McCarthy. The title reminds me of the old lullaby;
'When you wake, you shall have
All the pretty little horses.
Blacks and bays, Dapples and grays
Coach and six white horses.'


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