Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

We went to the Community Market early Saturday morning. We got some 'Three Guys' tomatoes, first of the season - Yum!. I also bought a bucket of peaches from my favorite stand. I cut up one of them last night and added some bluberrries for a fruit salad compote. I also got some of the small pale purple Chinese Eggplants at the same stand. Now I have to think of how to cook them.

Saturday afternoon, I was running some errands and stopped by the Talbots store. The parking lot was really crowded and I noticed they were having a 40-60% off sale. The upshot is that I bought two pairs of jeans (60% off), two shirts (40% off), a scarf (60%off), a skirt and a black top. Wow! Now I've got to get back to excercising (walking) and watching what I eat. So hard to do.


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