Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cobbled Together Soup

I went to the market yesterday (it was a cool morning, I had to wear a jacket). I bought some kale, the first appearence of 'greens' there. I had been looking for several weeks.  So I decided to make soup. 
I took the 1/2 pound of kale I bought and sauteed it with 1/2 a frenched onion in my small dutch oven.  When the kale was limp I added 2 cups beef broth, a can of white cannellini beans, and 1/4 section of a kielbasa I had in the freezer. I ate some for supper with a slice of toasted ciabatta. Good.


Blogger Tahoe Mom said...

Oh Yum! We are leaving town this week so we are eating our way through the fridge and it is soup weather here too. I'll try this one though when I get back to the Farmers' Market.

10:01 AM  

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