Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fitted Sheets

I have discovered that hardly anyone makes fitted sheets that fit our mattress anymore. It seems that the new rage is mattresses that are 13 -18 inches thick (or more). I bought two sets of sheets a couple of months ago, not realizing that the fitted sheets had 'deep pockets'. Well, they certainly didn't look good on our 8-inch thick mattress. Saggy, baggy, rumpled! The last week or so I have been checking the stores, Target, Wal-mart, Macy's, Belk, etc. All the fitted sheets were for the new thicker mattresses. Finally, at J.C. Penneys, I found a Sealy's brand King Size Sheet Set that said it would fit a 7 - 18 inch mattress. So I got the set. Only $60 bucks, which is pretty good for King size set. Had 330 thread count and was 100% cotton. It works pretty well, the sheet fits tight. But it was harder to get on than the normal sheets, more tucking underneath. But I'm satisfied for now.
Those of you that have an 18-inch mattress - do you have to have a step stool or ladder to get in and out of bed?


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