Saturday, September 19, 2009


**see below

cvwillc: A Doe and her two speckled baby fawns just wandered thu the front yard. 12:11 PM Aug 11th from web

cvwillc: The mama deer and her two babies just crossed our yard again and went down behind the Cook's house. 6:20 PM Aug 30th from web

Sept 11th ( aprox) Mama and one baby crossed the yard. Waited and waited, no second baby. Sniff.

Sept 19th 6:30am On our way to the Community market. Just starting to get light. We were on Cranehill just by the elementary school and the mama and baby (now without spots) crossed infront of us. We were just starting to go again when the other baby came scampering along (still has a few spots and is smaller the the first one). YAY!
**picture of baby Sitka fawn from Lynn's flickr site:


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