Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 1/2 Inches of Rain Yesterday

We had 2 1/2 inches of a slow, steady, soaking rain yesterday. My basil plant loved it!

If you look at my Flickr site you may remember the leaning tree picture. The tree is in the yard across the street. Early this morning (3:45am) it pulled up out of the ground. There was a loud crunch, crackle, and thump. Then a white flash as it took the power lines with it and then total darkness. Fortunately it fell mostly parallel to the curb, but the top branches were so big they entirely blocked the street. So, we have had an exciting day of big and little trucks and equipment coming and going. Cutting up the tree, chipping the branches, then the bucket trucks for the power lines came and did their thing. By 1:30pm our power was back on, but the cable guy is still out there fooling with the Comcast lines. We were in and out of the house, watching most of the day. Tried to take some pictures, but it's overcast today and they weren't very good.


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