Friday, April 06, 2007

SciFi Favorite

My favorite collection of Science Fiction stories is 'Time Probe: The Sciences in Science Fiction' introduced by Arthur C. Clarke published in 1966 and includes:

1. --And He Built a Crooked House by Robert A. Heinlein (Mathematics)
2. The Wabbler by Murray Leinster (Cybernetics)
3. The Weatherman by Theodore L. Thomas (Meteorology)
4. The Artifact Business by Robert Silverberg (Archaeology)
5. Grandpa by James H. Schmitz (Exobiology)
6. Not Final! by Isaac Asimov (Physics)
7. The Little Black Bag by Cyril Kornbluth (Medicine)
8. The Blindness by Philip Latham (Astronomy)
9. Take A Deep Breath by Arthur C. Clarke (Physiology)
10. The Potters of Firsk by Jack Vance (Chemistry)
11. The Tissure-Culture King by Julian Huxley (Biology)

My favorite; '---Crooked House'. A real live tesseract.


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