Saturday, September 16, 2006


I made Waldorf salad for supper last night. We got a bucket of Empire apples last weekend at the Community Market. So far, Empires are now my favorites.
GW and I were reminiscing last night about the good apples we used to get when we lived in upstate New York. The Jonathons were spectacular. Although he seems to think they came from Pennsylvania. Anyway, the winter I was pregnant with our first baby, we bought a whole bushel of Jonathons and kept them in the basement where it was cool. I had one every day. Yum!
Also there was a roadside stand north of where we lived in NY that had a HUGE wooden barrel of apple cider with a spigot and they filled a jug for you, on site. One year, towards the end of the season, we discovered that we got 'hard' cider. It was also yummy!
Signing off as GC.


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