Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big New Kroger in Forest

A new Kroger opened in Forest on April 15, 2010. We went out to look it over yesterday. It's very nice and has some added attractions:

There's a "Seattleā€™s Best Coffee" in the new store, the first in Kroger's Mid-Atlantic region. There's also a Deli Bistro staffed with two chefs, a Gourmet Cheese Shop, and a Wine Shoppe with a wine steward to help customers. (The Boonesboro Kroger also has a wine steward, part-time).

Otherwise it is stocked like most of the Krogers in the area. I was particularly interested to see if they carried certain items I have trouble finding here. They had none of them.

My List:

Superfine sugar

King Syrup

Fairbanks Sherry 1.5L

Colavita Fettucini Nests

Instant Espresso

Marshmallow Fluff


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